Laser Acrylic Cutting – Bicycle Model

Introduction: Laser Acrylic Cutting – Bicycle Model

About: Laser professor

Today we will cut a model by using acrylic material. The model we will cut is a bicycle.

Required items:
3mm acrylic(yellow color)

2” laser head

Thunder laser used:

Model: Mars 130 Laser Tube: 100 watt


Processing Mode: cut

Speed: 18mm/s

Max power: 50%

Min power: 50%

The settings are only for reference, users need to find the best setting by testing.

Step 1: Processing Mode:

After we design the file in CorelDraw, we send the file to laser software directly by clicking the laser plug-in. Then we input the best setting parameters and “Download” the file to the laser cutter.

Step 2: Put the Acrylic on the Laser Cutter

Place the acrylic sheet on the machine working table, move the laser head to the right start position, adjust the focal distance, press “Origin” button to set the starting point, then press “Start” to run the job.

Step 3: Assemble

After the laser finish working, take out the acrylic pieces and assembling them to a bicycle model.

The acrylic bicycle model is finished.

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