Introduction: Laser Beveled Glue Bottle Top Popper

If you've worked with a certain major brand of wood glue you have probably run into the dreaded "glued on top" phenomena.  No matter how persnickety you are about cleaning the outside of the top, there's always glue trapped between the "pop-up" spout and the fixed part of the top that semi-hardens, just enough to make opening the top a job for magilla-gorilla.

Step 1:

One fairly straight forward fix is to cut an acrylic disc, like I did at the Techshop,, to fit under the top's ridge. This gives you a larger area to grip and pull up the top. But, the lower edge of the disc has a sharp edge, left from laser cutting.
Wouldn't it be a fine thing if the edge was beveled? Well, my friend, read on!

Step 2:

If you remember from "Circular Laser Bevels on an Epilog... A reality... by togo1919", we used a battery powered turntable tilted on a jig to bevel a circular disc. By adding a platform centered on the sacrificial platter that we made for the turntable we can hold our laser cut discs. And we can do it repeatedly.
The platform is made from the same 1/8" MDF as the sacrificial disc and is sized to locate the disc by means of the center hole and to elevate the disc above the sacrificial platform for ease of placement and retrieval.

Step 3:

I added a white paper disc the same size as the disc we are going to bevel as an aide to setting the focus and cutting location. What we want to do here is to add a chamfer to the edge, not a full bevel. Our goal is to make this little whats-it more finger friendly.

Step 4:

Using the same trick Tom did, i.e. repeatedly duplicating a very short line and setting the speed to 1%, I chamfered the disc. As you can see from the wide burn area on the sacrificial platter, I made more than a few discs, tweaking the settings to get just enough power and slightly adjusting the laser beam position.