Introduction: Laser Cat

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

Laser Cat is a remotely operated automatic laser pointer for your pet. That means there's no need to get up to use it, just simply turn it on and watch your pet have a blast while you sit back and relax.


- Small Wood Box

Below is a link to the exact one I got from Michaels. I recommend getting a box with thin wood sides such that the material does not interfere with the IR signal.

- Arduino Uno

- 9V Battery

- 3D Printed Parts

- 2 mini servos

- Laser diode

Below is a link to the exact one I got from Amazon

- IR sensor & Remote

- Breadboard & Wires

Step 1: Setting Up the Circuit

- Connect the breadboard to ground and 5V using the Arduino GND and 5V pins

- Insert an IRM 3638 IR sensor to the breadboard attaching it to the ground and 3.3V pin of the Arduino and connecting the input pin to pin 11 on the Arduino

- Attach the ground wire of the laser diode to the Arduino GND and the power wire to the breadboard which has a 100 ohm and 10 ohm resistor in series and is then connected to pin 3 of the Arduino (the resistance is optional however I prefered to have the laser is not as bright)

- Attach two servos to ground and power on the breadboard. Attach the input wire of one servo to pin 4 of the Arduino and the input wire of the other servo to pin 8 of the Arduino

- Connect Arduino to power source

Step 2: Upload the Code

Step 3: Assemble

- Fit laser inside the laser mount and secure with tape

- Fit the servo inside the servo mount and attach to laser mount

- Cut a hole in the box to fit one servo and another to put the wires through (I used an x-acto knife to do this)

- Attach outside servo to the arm of the servo that will go within the box (I used super glue because I didn't have small enough screws on me)

- Decorate!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Plug the battery in or connect to an outlet and mount laser cat to a wall with velcro command strips or set on a table and start playing!