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Introduction: Laser Comic Book Frame

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I really like comic books, I like to display a few of them, and I never really had a good way to do it. I designed this laser cut comic book frame a couple years ago and have built quite a few of them. I like the look of these a lot and I think you will like them as well. So I made some more and documented it properly. Enjoy.

Step 1: Parts and Material List

Step 2: Laser the Acrylic Sheet

I cut the clear and the black acrylic parts out on my laser. I have included the DXF files below as well as the Corel-Draw File if you would like to edit it in some way.

Step 3: Assemble

Now to put it together. Simply sandwich the black U with the 2 pieces of clear acrylic and insert the four bolts for the bottom. Fasten the nuts to the back side of the frame and hand-tighten them. If you tighten them to tight it could break the acrylic, that is why I only hand tighten them.

Now you should have the bottom all together and can insert the comic book. I like to make sure that the side of the comic that I want to display is facing the same way as the bolt heads, as they look better than the nuts.

Once the Comic is in the frame you can put the top black piece into the frame and then insert the top two bolts and fasten the nuts.

Your all done.

Thanks a lot for checking this out. Have a Great Day.

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