Laser Cut Acrylic Trophy: Cycling

Introduction: Laser Cut Acrylic Trophy: Cycling

About: Hi. My name is Adelle and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy sharing projects for people to use on their lasers.

Pumped for the Olympics? Me too. That's why I' sharing this great cycling themed trophy project. It would be a great award for any cycling champ? Into other sports? Get creative and swap the bike out... Share your updated projects with me if you do, I'd love to see them!

What You'll Need

  • TroGlass Duo 3mm Night and Day
  • TroGlass Satins 3mm Black
  • TroGlass Satins 3mm Lemon Green Translucent
  • TroGlass Satins 3mm White
  • Acrylic 3mm Beige
  • 2 binding screws (shaft diameter: 5 mm, length: 40 mm)
  • 20 x washers (external diameter: 10 mm
  • A Laser System (I used the Speedy 400 120W) with a 2" lens

Step 1: ​Preparation

Choose which colors you want to use for the trophy.

Ensure that there is a good contrast between the individual layers.

Tip: When ordering, ensure that the TroGlass Satins 3mm Lemon Green Translucent sheet already has double-sided adhesive film on one side.

Step 2: Laser Process​

Cut out the 15 elements from the acrylic sheets. For perfect results, we recommend using an acrylic cutting grid table. Cover the rest of the table with masking tap (this helps with air flow) and remove the protective film from the top side.

Laser Parameters:

  • Scoring (red): Performance: 5%, Speed: 1%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air Assist: ON, Z-Offset: 4mm
  • Cutting (blue): Performance: 30%, Speed: 0.2%, Frequency: 5000 Hz, Air Assist: ON

Tips: Select these two options in JobControl® to get perfect cutting results: () Optimized geometries (2) Inner geometries first

Step 3: Assembly

Put all cut TroGlass elements in the correct order and have the binding screws and washers ready.

Then attach the different parts and layers to each other by fastening the screws.

Here's a short video to show how it can be done.

Step 4: Admire!

Your trophy is finished! Admire your hard work... and then sell it ;)

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