Introduction: Laser Cut Bookmark

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These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the basics of creating a custom bookmark using Tinkercad and preparing it for Laser Cutting.

Tinkercad is a free web based CAD program:

Step 1: Creating the Bookmark

1. In the bottom right hand corner, click on “Edit Grid” button and change the units from millimeters (mm) to inches (in). Be sure that the Snap Grid is set to 1/8”.

2. Under the “Basic Shapes” tab on the right hand side, click and drag a Box onto the Workplane. Type in the dimensions of the box:

Length = 1.75 in

Width = 7.5 in

Height = 0.25 in

Step 2: Personalizing the Bookmark (Adding Text/Shapes)

To customize and add designs to your frame, add any shapes onto the Workplane and click on the “Hole” button. Any holes that you make in your design will be cut out of the bookmark.


1. To add text, under the “Basic Shapes” tab on the right hand side, click and drag the TEXT onto the Workplane. Change the text by simply typing in the inspector tab.

2. Click on the “Hole” button to turn the text into a “hole.” It should change to a translucent grey color, indicating it has become a hole.

3. To add shapes, follow the same process. Drag any shape onto the Workplane, change it to a hole, and be sure that the shape intersects with the bookmark.

4. Select all objects (CTRL+A) and group them together (click on the “Group” button or press CTRL+G). If you need to make adjustments to your holes, simply click on the “Ungroup” button and adjust.

Step 3: Personalizing the Bookmark (Adding SVG Files)

1. Visit for a selection of free .SVG files, or create your own!

2. Click on the ”Import” button.

3. Click on “Choose a File” and select the .SVG file you wish to import into your design. Then click import

4. Once the SVG file is imported into Tinkercad, treat it like any other shape. Select the imported shape and click on the “Hole” button.

5. Arrange your imported shape how you wish on the bookmark, and click on the “Group” button (CTRL+G).

Step 4: Preparing File for Laser Cutting

Part 3: Preparing the Bookmark to Laser Cut

1. Click on the “Export” button.

2. Be sure that “Everything in the design” is selected and then select “Download as 2D .SVG for laser cutting”

3. Import your .SVG design into your printer’s software and laser cut the bookmark according on your laser cutter’s instructions.