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If you are a teacher or look after kids this is a fun activity to keep them amused, Laser cut Christmas decorations. I've included lots of files so the hard work is done you just need access to a laser cutter.

If you want to decorate the items I used

  • spray on glue
  • glitter in a salt shaker
  • spray on glitter paint
  • colouring in pencils and pens
  • The wire I used stainless MIG wire

I was quite disappointed with the glitter paint, there wasn't much in the way of glitter in it, using a salt shaker with glitter works way better than I expected.

I cut some of the items out of card so the students can decorate them with coloured pens and pencils and then give them a very light spray of glue, and a sprinkle of glitter.

Step 1: Tree Hangers and Christmas Balls

These are easy to find on the internet, below are the DXF files my favourites that are ready to cut out. Just decorate with glitter and bend up some wire and they are ready to hang on the tree or give away.

There are lots to choose from!

Step 2: Christmas Wall Hangers

Here are a couple of wall or dor hangers, great fun if you want a project that is a little larger. The two shown in the photos are not decorated yet as, that is a job for my students.

Step 3: Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree was one I found on the internet and redesigned to it now has a stand. Looks great with a bit of glitter in places and it has a little space underneath to put small gifts.

There are also lots of space to hang little decorations or lights.

Step 4: Santa

I've redesigned Santa to sit on a stand and I've found that if it is cut with 2mm card the kids can use colouring in pencils or pen, or even crayon to get some colour on the project before spraying a little glitter clear coat or glue and then a light sprinkle of glitter.

Santa also looks great in acrylic plastic

Step 5: Nativity Scenes

Here are some nativity scenes that can sit on a shelf or window sill, They are scaled for 3mm material to fit on the stand but can be resized for different thickness materials you might have on hand.

Step 6: More Ideas and Files

So you haven't found that perfect gift or tree hanger yet. Have a look at one of my favourite websites there are hundreds of DXF files ready to download and modify or just use as they are, the hardest part is there are soo many.. I'll just have to make them all.

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