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Introduction: Laser Cut Felt Applique Monogramed Towel

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We've all seen those monogrammed towels in catalogs peeping out of stacks like they're oh so posh. Where will someone be going that there are so many similar towels you need your initials on them? I've never seen a towel come out at the baggage claim.

Anyway, as it turns out, monogrammed towels are very practical, especially for 4 yrolds going to swim lessons who pile their junk on a bus.

This serifed monogram towel is ultra-simple, has a very craft-chic vibe, and can easily be done ultra fancy (beaded, anyone?), retro (think 70s style lettering), or old english might be super cool.

Literally all the computer design you do is open up a vector editing program, like InkScape (free at

Type a letter, then set it to "Outline" and scale it to the size you want.

You can submit a free sample in felt up to a 1"x3" piece with free worldwide shipping if you're out of the US using code: WORLDSHIP

I did a number of towels so had several letters to fit onto a unit size.

Make sure you follow the guidelines , in this case BLUE OUTLINE less than .3pt (hairline in CorelDraw)

Step 1: Glue the Piece to the Towel

Not entirely necessary, but on the thin parts it will keep it aligned properly, and is definitely recommended if you go with a curley script type of font. I use Alene's fabric glue because it also acts as a stiffener on the back of the felt, keeps it from falling apart.

Step 2:

I use a pretty thick embroidery thread and just pass in and out in the simplest stitch possible, just to give a dashed hand-crafted outline type of look.
Knot at the end, and bam, beach-ready!

Plus you are towel-thief proof.

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    8 years ago on Step 2

    How did this hold up to washing? I'm considering putting a felt applique on a fleece soaker. I have no experience with appliqueing and wonder if this would be any better for something that will be washed many times versus using heat n bond.