Introduction: Laser Cut It

How to create files for a laser cut lamp

Step 1: Materials

A computer

Internet access




Premade light fixture


Hot glue

Tissue Paper


Laser Cutter

Step 2: Processing

First download Processing:

Next create a /libraries folder inside the /processing folder and drag the /codeable objects folder into it.

Open Processing then go to /libraries to /codeableObjects to /examples to /spiral and open spiral.pde

Step 3: Processing: Code

Read through the code and experiment with the numbers to change the patterns on the lamp.

After changing the code, preview your design and continue to experiment and find a pattern that you like.

Step 4: Processing: Lamp Size

Change the lamp size by adjusting the parameter sliders on the right side of the screen to change the width, height, hole widths etc.

Save the design as a pdf.

Step 5: Inkscape and XQuartz

Download Inkscape and XQuartz.

Open the 3 saved files into Inkscape- parts.pdf, shade.pdf, pattern.pdf

Begin editing files in inkscape

Step 6: Editing in Inkscape

Start by selecting the entire drawing and ungrouping the parts

Then release the mask

Select all and ungroup once again

Step 7: Inkscape: Transform

Select the entire drawing and transform

Change the scale to 36.280% and click apply

Select all and ungroup

Step 8: Inkscape: Cut Out All the Corners

Go back to the drawing and reduce the lines to cut out the corners

Combine the shape to make the outline of the entire shape red

Select the ribs of the lamp and cut the path to remove the line over the notches

Combine the shape and organize the workspace

Step 9: Inkscape: Combine

Combine the pattern and shade

Save all 3 drawings as pdfs and dxfs