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Introduction: Phone Stand & Headphone Wrap

This simple and compact phone stand will hold almost any device. It works with Androids, IPhones, Tablets, and many other devices. It folds together for comfortable transport and fits perfectly on a key chain. When it is not holding your device, the stand will keep your head phones neat and together! Simply place the ear buds in the designated holes, wrap the cord around, and put the auxiliary plug through the hole.

The original idea to create a phone stand came from a project by aescobar ortega. Below is a link to her project:

Step 1: Design

The design for the phone stand is simple. It is 6 inches long and 1 inch tall. The sides have a fillet of .25 inches and in the center of each side a .25 inch diameter circle is extruded out. Five pins are needed to construct it along with one pin with a key chain hole attached.

Step 2: Cutting

To cut out this phone stand, I used my a CO2 Laser Cutter.

Step 3: Sanding and Polishing

After cutting the pieces there may be some smoke marks left. In order to create a smooth finish, I used sandpaper to smooth the wood and remove burn marks. A clear coat of finish will also help with durability.

Step 4: Glueing Part 1

The next step is to glue the phone stand together. To do this you will need:

-Wood Glue

- At least 4 clamps

- A paper clip

- Paper Towels

- A 1/8 inch dowel rod

1. First bend the paper clip so one part is sticking out. Pour some wood glue on the paper towel and dip the paper clip in. Spread glue throughout the crevices making sure plenty of glue is in the corners.

2. Next use the same paper clip to spread glue onto the pins. I reccomend glueing the piece with four pins first. Spread glue onto the top and bottom of the pins and slide them in. Excess glue will seep out. Clean this up with the paper towel.

3. Clamp the pins in with two clamps.

4. Push the dowel rod through the pins so that they will glue in alignment. THIS IS KEY! Without this step the phone stand will be uneven when folded together.

5. Set down and let the glue dry for at least 15 minutes.

6. Repeat these steps for the second piece

7. When gluing the second piece (whichever it is) make sure to glue to pins facing the opposite direction of the first piece.

Step 5: Final Assembly

After everything has dried, take the dowel rod out of the pieces. Measure 3/8 " on the end of the dowel rod and cut. Repeat this so you have two 3/8" dowel rod pieces. Put the two pieces together and slide the dowel rods into place.

Step 6: Finished Product

You now have a Key Chain Phone Stand Head Phone Wrap! Finish it off with any key chain ring and it is ready to be used!


Attached are the files for both pins and the phone stand base.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Could you upload the design files (vector, pdf, dxf, or whatever)?