Introduction: Laser Cut Kitchen Towel Holder

For this tutorial, you will make a kitchen holder for paper towels. The issue is that paper towel rolls can easily get dirty, so putting it on the counter that can get wet is not the best idea. Instead of buying a spool holder, you can make a simple one that hands above the sink that is more space efficient, low-cost, and customizable!
What you will need:
1. A kitchen that works for this (read step 1)
2. .25 inch thick wood
3. Laser Cutter access
4. Command strips
5. Wood glue

Step 1: Make Sure Your Kitchen Works for This

Look at your kitchen and the space above your sink (where you probably want your towels to be). Most kitchens have cabinets above the sink for efficient space usage in smaller apartments. More spacious kitchens with kitchen islands or just more space might not have this arrangement making this impossible to work.
Also look at how wide the space is between the cabinets, you have to make sure you can laser cut a bar (that holds up the rolls) long enough for this space. If your laser is only 24 inches wide, it wont cut pieces long enough to span a 25 inch space in between!

Step 2: Laser Cut the Components

How it works is that two holders with a rectangular slot will be attached to the wall, then a detachable bar will rest on the holder that can be taken off to put on new rolls. These pieces were design in solidworks and the ai files is attached (the file contains 1 full set of 2 holders). But you still need to make the bar across which will change depending on your kitchen sink set up. You first measure the distance between the opposing walls then make a rectangle with height 1.5" x #" (the distance -.25 for some clearance). Then laser cut the files from the .25 inch wood.

Step 3: Glue Together the Holders

In the ai file, there are two sets for two holders. Apply wood glue on the smaller piece then put on the larger piece. Make sure the three inner rectangle of the holder pieces are aligned and fit the rectangular bar. Wood glue sets in 10 minutes so there is time to adjust after applying.

Step 4: Attach the Holder to Kitchen

Use two command strip on the back of each holder. Apply one holder on the wall giving enough space for the bar and new roll of towel to come out. Then align the other holder on the other side that is as close to mirrored as the other. If the alignment doesn't work, pull the command strip off and retry!

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