Introduction: Laser Cut Laptop Stand


The simplest and lightest laptop stand you can imagine. Fits all 15" screen laptops and below, but easily alterable for bigger devices.

Step 1: Layout and Cutting

First, download the layout (.ai file) and grab a 29x29 cm, 3 mm thick plywood sheet. Don't forget to alterate the layout if your board is an other thickness or if your laptop is more than 23 cm deep. I left the early stages of the drawing in the file to make it easier for you.

Feed the .ai file into a cutting machine. Should be done in less than 5 minutes for 1 stand.

Step 2: Assemble and Enjoy

You should easily figure out how to assemble the 4 parts. Gluing is not necessary.

Now you got yourself a nice and light laptop stand that all your coworkokers will envy. I hope your desk is tidier than mine though!