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Introduction: Laser Cut Mat Cutter

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I had to repost this instructable due to an issue that was "preventing my project from being published". As suggested I made it into a photo instructable .
I have a few 12" x 12" cork boards I wanted to turn into coasters but I don't have a mat cutter. I know I can try to cut it with just a box cutter but if I did this instructable won't exist.

Anyway it is design to be simple. Use a small screw driver to adjust the razor cut depth. The pieces are tight fitting. You might have to apply a bit of force to get it in there. The razor edge is 0.1" offset from the edge.

1/8" (0.118") mdf board
3 Machine Screw 4-40 Thread, 1/2" Length
3 hex nuts

40 W laser cutter (55 Speed, 90% power)
Small phillips screw driver

Download the cut sheet. I uploaded a cdr and dxf format. The top portion of the cut sheet has the individual pieces. The bottom portion is all the pieces combined together.

Check to make sure your mdf board is 0.118" thick. Be mindful of your laser's kerf. Adjust dimensions as needed.

Don't forget to vote for me if like my work. If I win the laser cutter I will be able to work on projects that are in larger scale and be able to prototype faster. And of course I will continues to share my work in an open source manner.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    OxyJin, I am not able to open either the cdr or the dxf files. I have CorelDraw and AutoCAD. Can you send me a cdr or dxf file. I have access to a lazer cutter.

    Thanks for your post!!



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    there might be a hackerspace near you with one.