Introduction: Laser Cut Ring or Wristband Box's for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is a holiday which is celebrate every year on February 14. It was a Western Christian feast day which was honoring a saint named Valentinus. Nowadays this celebration is recognized as a significant religious, cultural and commercial feast of romance almost all around the world.

I was in quest of a gift for my girlfriend, but I didn't want another one of those products made in some random part in the world. I wanted to do a special gift by myself, or a least a bit. I was surfing the net and I found a beautiful ring. I order it, but... how to say... the box was awfull...

A weeks ago I was watching some videos and I saw this one about tables made by laser cut which were incredible! So when I had this Idea I thought that I will do my the box with this process, which is new for me.

Step 1: Begin Designing the Base

You first need to begin by doing one side of your base, because you will use help from the software after to draw the rest of the piece.

Look at the second picture, it show you the circular copy which is possible in Solidworks. You can also use other software which are free like Onshape if you don't have Solidworks. This is a simple way to do your piece. However if your not familiar with it, you can also do it by doing every single part of the piece.

Then every single piece you will do will be in relation with this one. So you will need to do them by reminding the sizing by writing them on a paper for example. You can also use a second screen to let open the first piece you make.

Step 2: Extrude and Go for the Assembly

Then it is time to extrude the pieces you made.

Making the assembly is not necessary. But If you want to be sure to have the good sizing, I recommend you to do the assembly.

Step 3: Make Your Box Real !

Its time to print your boxes with a laser engraving and cutting Machines. And you can make the real assembly to see if your boxes are perfect. Of course at this step you will need to be careful because you don't put the glue for now.

I choose to make one bigger to try what I will have if the edges are bigger than it need to. I personally really like the result, but It will depend on what you think about the result.

Step 4: Stick Your Box!

It's now time to put some wood glue to stick your box.

Be aware to don't stick the top ^^, you may have some issues to put your gift in if you do it ^^'

Your box is now finish!

I hope you already found a neck lace or a wristband to put it inside!

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