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Introduction: Laser Cut Squirrel Picnic Table

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This guide will help you assemble the inventHQ squirrel picnic table!

Step 1: Download File and Laser Cut the Pieces.

Skip this step if you already have the pieces.

This file uses a 12x12in 1/8" piece of birch plywood.

Step 2: Materials

Materials include:

  • 1 tabletop
  • 2 bench tops
  • 2 leg pieces
  • 2 zip ties
  • Face or back mounting piece
  • Mounting bar

Step 3: Attach the Bench Top to a Leg Piece

Attach the bench top to the leg piece. The easiest way to do this is by hanging the pieces off the edge of a table, so you can hammer the pieces together on a solid surface.

Step 4: Attach the Second Leg Piece to the Bench Top

Position the second leg piece, and hammer it down into the other hole on the bench top.

Step 5: Flip and Attach the Second Bench Top

Attach the second bench top. Make sure to align both connecting joints so you can hammer them at the same time.

Step 6: Attach the Table Top

Attach the tabletop. Make sure to align ALL 4 connecting joints so you can hammer them at the same time.

Step 7: Decorate!

Great job! Your table is assembled! Now is the time to decorate! You could add paint, stain, or other creative elements!

Step 8: Assembling the Mounting Bracket

To assemble the mounting bracket, simply hammer the pieces together like the picture below. The mounting bar (long rectangle) should be snuggly fit into the ‘mouth’ of the face or back piece.

Step 9: Option 1: Mounting on a Fence or Pole

Option 1: Using the mounting bracket. Secure the face piece with a zip tie around a fence, pole, or smaller tree branch. Slide your picnic table onto the mounting bar through either the upper or lower rectangle cutouts on the leg pieces.

Step 10: Option 2: Mounting on a Tree Branch

Option 2: Balancing the picnic table on a branch.

The table can also be mounted with just the mounting bar (long rectangle) and zip ties pulled through the holes on the mounting bar.

Step 11: Now Wait for Some Furry Friends to Arrive!

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    5 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Now they need some snacks :)