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Introduction: Laser Cut Wooden Basket

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This idea came from an observation: Laser cut material is not always used in a rational way. The worst case scenario is when a Fablab user wants a frame so he cuts the frame and throw away the center. In this project 100% of the material is used.

This project could have been named "2D to 3D" because I explored how flat material can be turned into an object with volume.

Step 1: Cut the Pattern

Download the file and cut it with a laser cutter. I used plywood 3mm.

Step 2: Gluing

Add wood glue on the corners and pile the parts starting from the bigger one. Tilt the added part just enough to line the corner up with the the previous edge. When all the parts are positioned, put something heavy on top of it.

Step 3: Variant

If you cut two of them with an offset of half the step:

  • 4,8,12,16
  • 6,10,14,18

You can pile them up without tilt and make a pyramidal basket.

You can experiment with all sorts of shapes!

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    2 months ago on Step 3

    Well, we were making such baskets at school, about 40-50 years ago (using hacksaw and pencil to draw a template on plywood). And you can save on glue, instead of cutting squares separately, just cut a square spiral and then twist it and glue, it will look far better and require less glue and time :)