Introduction: Laser Cut Your Own 5" Festool Sanding Discs

I love my Festool Sanders. But I don't like paying for the sandpaper. It's excellent stuff mind you, put with 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 180, 220, 320,and 400 grits, it is expensive to keep around. So I buy a few grits from them and laser cut but the rest. Included is a DXF file with the holes required for the 125 Festool hole patter. The pattern has red lines for the disc template and black lines for the holes. You just need to buy 5" hook and loop blank sanding discs. You can buy no hole 5" hook and loop discs in bulk many places but I like the quality you get from this company. I like to start with a 50 piece combo pack and order more of a specific grit size as necessary.

5" Discs

Just cut the template with you laser and then place disc and cut their holes The template allows for 10 to be cut at a time.

Now if there is any question if these are legal, I will tell you that I only make them for my own consumption and I reverse engineered the hole patterns from my sander and not Festool's official sanding discs. As long as you make them for your personal use, you are fine.