Introduction: Laser Cut or CNC Milled Corner Lamp

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A simple DIY corner lamp to get familiar with Laser cutting or CNC milling methods and while at it manufacture a corner lamp for your room.

Hope you guys have fun making this as I did.

Step 1: Cutting 3mm Acrylic Sheet

Using the provided layout above cut the acrylic sheet in its form using a Laser cutter (Thicker or thinner sheet will have fixing issues)


CNC milling can also be used to cut a plywood of the same size. (Thicker or thinner sheet will have fixing issues)

Step 2: Fixing the Lamp

Put the cut pieces into the 2 discs and form a lamp as shown. Preferably use Chloroform for bonding.

If the cut pieces are formed from Plywood then wood epoxy should be used.

A standard lamp fixture or bulb holder from your local hardware store would suffice for housing the bulb.

Step 3: Decorating It With Nylon Rope

Use your choice of colored nylon rope and wrapped it on the edges that are already cut in the design.

Voila a beautiful made corner lamp.

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