Introduction: Laser Cutting Acrylic

This instruct able will help you to make something using acrylics on a laser cutter.

Step 1:

Turn on the laser cutter and make sure it is ready to work.

Step 2:

Find and image you would like to cut out and download it to the inkscape application.

Step 3:

After you are done with the sizing and are satisfied with the picture, press print and open the Full Spectrum Laser Retina Engrave application. There you will see your picture. You can choose if you have it to engrave it on the acrylic or you want to cut it out. If you want to cut it out set the power to a hundred and time to about twenty. If you just want to engrave then set a lower power.

Step 4:

You will see a red laser in the machine. That is what the machine uses to cut the materials inside. There is and option to position the z axis in the application on the top bar, do that and take the laser pointer to home.( move it around and press the home button). Then take the laser to the top left of the acrylic. Press the run job perimeter button if it is inside the acrylic then press start.

Step 5:

And your vector cut will look something like this :)