Introduction: Laser Cutting Wooden Boxes

Scroll down to know how I created three laser-cut boxes.

Step 1: Design

Use this website to create a layout for your boxes.

-Know the measurements you want for your box

-Check the units that collide with your measurements

-Type in your measurements length x width x height

-Type in the measurements for the thickness of your box

-Turn your file into a PDF

Step 2: Design Pt.2

Design your box with detail.

-Open your PDF

-Make any adjustments you need for your box

-If you want to add any designs into your box such as a text.

-Click on the T and it will provide a blank box text proceed to add the text you want in it.

-Adjust the box text onto your box.

-When done convert your design into an SVG file by clicking File then Save As.

-Save into a flash drive so you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Adobe Illustrator

-Open Adobe Illustrator

-Open your SVG file

-Choose your selection tool in your toolbox

-Click on the line of your box

-Right-click then press release clipping mask

-Select on the same line

-Right click and ungroup

-Select the background such as the small text in the bottom left corner and delete

-Start grouping and organizing your boxes into the corner so when you are printing your boxes it will be organized

-Click on View, choose the Ruler Margins option.

-Write down the measurements such as length and with to know how much wood you will need later on.

-Click File, Save As, Convert to Adobe Illustrator ai if your file is not converted into ai the next step will not be able to be completed. Because the 3D printer only reads ai.

-Save as ai.

Step 4: Laser Print

-Using the file that saved onto your flash drive connect it to the computer that is connected to the laser cutter

-Open up your file on the computer

-Organize your box near the origin on the screen's computer

-Choose your speed and power according to the material you are using.

-Save and name your file.

-Remember only ai. files will work otherwise it will not go through.

-Get a piece of wood that fits accordingly to your boxes measurement. (Remember step 3)

-Place the wood inside the laser printer and set it down using pins.

-Turn on the 3D printer and the vent to direct toxic fumes out the room instead of inside the room

-Transfer your file into the 3D printer you will know which one is yours due to what you named it earlier.

-Choose the trace option what this will do is that the 3D printer will trace your boxes on the wood. Make sure that the trace of your boxes do not hit the metal sides of the printer and make sure that your boxes are traced on the wood.

-Double check that the laser cutter is set to print such as the origin, the vent is connected speed, power.

-Press the button Start/Pause

-Wair for all of your pieces to be cut

-Once all the pieces are cut remove them from the laser cutter.

Step 5: Assemble

-Glue your pieces carefully using wood glue, apply glue to the sides and assemble it will be like solving a puzzle. (Tip: Don't apply to much glue otherwise it will drip and it will be messy and it will take longer to glue)

-Wait about one hour or more to let the glue dry.

Step 6: Spray Paint

-When spray painting set your box in a place where you wouldn't mind getting it dirty with paint. But just for caution place a piece of cardboard underneath.

-Make sure the wind is not going to blow the paint towards your direction otherwise your clothes will be sprayed by paint.

-Once that is cleared move the spray can in circular motions

-Don't apply too much in which the paint starts to drip.

-Cover all the brown areas with the spray paint.

-Let it dry for about an hour

-If you want to decorate it in any way you may do so.

Step 7: Add Any Extra Details

In my box, I added small black dots just to touch it up a bit.

This is totally optional you may decorate it however you wish too.

Your finally done :)