Introduction: Laser Cutting a Cool Science Fiction Gauntlet

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New Year's time when our company held a big party, in order to attract everyone's attention at this party, I made a cool equipment - lightning fauntlet. The effect is quite good, here to share with you.

Step 1: What We Need

Blue LED - 5 pcs

Toggle switch - 1 pcs

Battery - 1 pcs

Many cables


4 mm thick wood

3 mm thick milky white translucent acrylic board

1.8 mm thick wood

0.6 mm thick washed kraft paper

A piece of cloth

M3 * 10 nylon rivets - 6 pcs

A lot of little rubber band



Electric iron

Hot melt glue gun

Step 2: Draw My Left Arm and Hand

I put my left arm on an A4 paper, draw the outline with a pencil, press the front pressure, draw once, side pressure, and then draw again. After measuring the basic size with the ruler, I can simply set up my left arm model. Then press the left hand to draw the outline on the paper, I can also direct the simple design.

Step 3: Create the Model of Armor

According to the size of the first hand left the model to establish it, In fact here the model can not be be very accurate. but probably enough to use~ Here I made the armor model piece by piece, try to make every piece of armor close to arm.

Step 4: Expand the Armor and Design the Shape of Washed Kraft Paper

Expand armor is a tiring job, a piece of paved, no shortcuts. After paving, to draw the outline of washed kraft paper, arm armor is to use the stapler fixed on the washed kraft paper. In order to make armor and kraft paper position easier alignment, we need to add some notes.

Finally add part of the hand, leaving the hole of the LED pin.

Step 5: Design the Light-emitting Part and Cover Part

When I design the light part, I need to consider how much space the light can light up. here the blue led I used can light up about 10 mm around the led. So design the acrylic board like this.

Step 6: Laser Cutting

Then we need to cut the the board using laser cutting. I guess you don’t have a laser cutting at home, you can find some in the hacker space near from you easily. If there's no hacker space nearby, you can try the Laser Cutting Servicesupply by Seeed.

Material used for different parts:

Armor part, with 4mm thick wood

Light guide part, with 3mm thick white translucent acrylic plate

Shading part, with 1.8mm thick wood

Step 7: Fix Armor on Washed Kraft Paper

Here I used stapler make armor and washed kraft paper together, pay attention to the mark we left before.

Step 8: Install the Hardware Section

Here I use a simple parallel, the five led in parallel, and then access the battery and toggle switch. On the buckle, I was using rivets and buckets plus small pieces of wood to do, very simple, I believe you can have a better way

Step 9: Install the Light Guide Plate and the Acrylic Shading Plate

Then glue the light guide plate and the shading plate on the armor can be, and very simple. Finally test, when the light is still quite cool.

This work is actually done while the side of the change, but also try a lot, and now this version is also some rough, the future will be more refined version, I hope you will like ~