Introduction: Laser Doodle

This is the world's cheapest laser light show... It converts your voice and sounds to laser patterns. I made the first one years ago with my dad. We simplified the the design for BurningMan2006. We helped 200 people in one day make them at MakerFair 2007. TechShop was kind enough to supply the materials and booth space.

Materials needed:
-Tube (at least 4in long, between 2 and 4in in diameter)
-Laser pointer (like the cheap ones from longs)
-A latex glove or balloon
-Coat hanger (or ~12in piece of welding rod, best for mass production)
-Small mirror
-Hot melt (or double sticky tape, safer to handle but more expensive)
-Rubber Bands
-Drill w/ small drill bit (size of the wire or coat hanger)
-Vice grippes or pliers

Step 1: Bend the Wire

Bend your wire or coat hanger in half with small chanel down the center and bend the ends up in the same direction.

Step 2: Marking and Making Holes

Mark and drill 2 holes 2in from the front of the tube distanced apart the same distance as the ends of the wire. Remember: use SAFETY GLASSES.

Step 3: Prepare the Glove

Slit the glove with scissors so it is able to streach across the tube (or if using a balloon cut off the end that is used to fill it up)

Step 4: Strech Glove On

Strech the glove tight across the front of the tube and secure it with a rubber band. Place the ends of the wire in the holes drilled out so that the wires extend beyond the front of the tube than secure the wire and further secure the glove to the tube. Restrech the glove and cut the exess off with scissors.

Step 5: Place Laser

Place the laser at the end of the wire frame and secure it with a rubbber band. Make sure the button is accessable for easy turn on and off.

Step 6: Bend the Wire More

Bend the wire so that the laser points about 1/3rd of the way up the streched glove or balloon.

Step 7: Place Mirror

Glue (or tape) the mirror to the glove or balloon so that the laser reflects off the mirror.

Step 8: Have Fun!!!

-Run around the house making funny noises
-A deep sound makes bigger patterns.
-Monotone sounds make "O"'s.
-Louder the noise the bigger the pattern.
-Have fun expirementing with your own noises!
-Feel free expirementing with different mirror positions and diaphragm tensions