Introduction: Laser Engrave Steel Belt Buckle

We engrave today a stainless steel belt buckle with a diode laser.

For this I use MarkSolid laser engraving paste and 10W Endurance Laser.


  • Belt Buckle
  • MarkSolid laser engraving paste - I use markSolid 026.M9LP -, others like Molly Dry Lube maybe work, too
  • Alcohol to thin the solution
  • Brush or Airbrush
  • Laser engraver - I use a 10W Endurance Laser
  • Belt

Step 1: Preparation of the Buckle

Prepare your MarkSolid and mix it 1:1 with alcohol like isopropanol or ethanol. Clean the buckle with alcohol and cover it with a thin an even coat of the solution. I use paste and no spray, it's a little difficult therefore. You can use an airbrush to do it a little easier. Be careful to not use too much and to get it as even as possible. In the first picture is a bad sample, too thick and with residue in it.

Let it dry.

Step 2: Engrave the Buckle

Use your laser engraving software like LaserGRBL or Lightburn to create your picture. Then engrave the buckle. I used 100 mm/min at 100 % power and 4 passes to be sure that everything is engraved nicely even if the coat is uneven.

Step 3: Finishing: Clean the Buckle

After engraving you can clean the buckle with water or alcohol.