Introduction: Laser Engraved Stencil

If you want to make a custom Stencil for your logo, follow these steps.

Step 1: Set Up Your CorelDraw Document

Open CorelDraw and plug in the dimensions of your stencil material. In this case, it was mat board 12" x 24".

Step 2: Import Your Stencil Image and Shape Its Outline

Click File//Import and select your downloaded image. The image should be relatively clean for the best result (no complex designs). Next, resize the image across your dimensions to your liking. To make its outline, click Trace Bitmap//Outline Trace//Logo. A window will show before and after images, so when the design looks clean, click Ok. Finally, choose the outline width as Hairline and choose color (some lasers need a red255 line while others are ok with black). Remove the Fill Color.

Step 3: Print to the Laser Engraver

Print to your Laser Printer and choose the Vector Cut option

Step 4: Preview and Print

Load the Printer with your stencil material. Make sure the laser is homed before lining up the center of the material with the laser. Preview the boundaries of the print, and press play.

Step 5: Remove and Paint

Remove the pieces of the desire you want to paint, and there's your stencil.