Introduction: Laser Etched Ashtray I Made It at Techshop

Laser etched Ashtray made at Techshop....

Step 1: Import Artwork

The higher the detail the better(vector) graphics You can use any art program including Cad iits a really easy to use windows interface just print like you are printing a copy of something...

Step 2: Hit Print

Hitting print sends the graphic to the proprietary laser software...Once the image appears in the interface place it where you require..Just imagine the screen being a 24x18 inch workspace

Step 3: Place the Ashtray

Place the ashtray in the cutter FACEDOWN you are printing on the bottom there fore you must reverse the image.....Place it at the corresponding grid that the artwork will print at...

Step 4: Make the Magic

Ensure you have place the ashtray properly hit the green button and watch the magic happen...Done Use steel wool to wipe away the excess glass particles