Introduction: Laser Etched Lyric Guitar

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Hi all, this is my first attempt at documenting anything I have built. it's been a bit tedious and fun at the same time. Hopefully you find this project interesting and you end up with a sweet piece for the cave. This came about with friends of mine asking to put together this rustic guitar shaped hanger with lyrics from their favourite song etched into it. I had made a bunch so I thought I'd go through the process. Please check out the full youtube video above. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Design

I'll include the vector image I have used for the body of the guitar. I have laid it out in 2 pieces as my laser can't fit the entire piece. I will use Adobe Illustrator to lay out the lyrics and then you're ready to burn it!

Step 2: The Laser Etching

So I forgot to show an image of the actual guitar being cut out but I used a thin piece of Baltic birch that was just under 1/4" thick. I vector cut the shape out with the laser and then painted the entire thing flat black. The next step was running the file and basically burning away the paint. You don't have to go deep with this.

Step 3: Laying Out the Barnboard Backing

The back can really be anything I just happened to have some great old pieces of barn board here. I cut flush one side of each board so I could glue them up. They get screwed into the frame to keep everything secure. This is a good time to get out the wire brush and get them nice nice.

Step 4: Framing

The next step is fairly straight forward. I used some 1x2's and cut 45 degree mitres at the corners, painted everything flat black and screwed the frame to the barn boards.

Step 5: Mounting the Guitar

From here we mount the guitar. I start with laying it out on the board as I want it. Then I take tape and place some bits around the outside. We then take the guitar away and work on the mounting pieces. This can be anything, I use off cuts from the guitar shape. This is just to have something to glue to. So I nail in the little scrap bits and then glue the guitar parts to them.

Step 6: The Wait

You're almost there! At this point the work is done, make sure everything is how you'd like it and carefully place some weight on top to secure your pieces. Once she's dry you can mount with screws and wire or a metal cleat works great!

Step 7: Thanks All!

That's all folks. I hope you enjoy this project. if you make anything similar or have enjoyed this one please let me know! Thank ya!