Introduction: Laser Printed Paper Doll

This project will help you create a laser printed paper doll. You'll need some skills in art and drawing characters to be able to follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Resources

In order to create your paper doll, you will need:

Inkscape svg, a Drawing program (I recommend autodesk’s sketchbook or procreate, but anything with layer, recolor, and transform abilities should do)

Materials- Matboard, thin plywood, or balsa wood, An appropriate glue (i used a strong glue stick), A laser printer and a corresponding program, Your coloring materials of choice

Step 2: Starting the Sketch

In order to create the vectors to laser cut something, its best to draw out what you need before even messing with the vector program. When drawing, keep in mind that the laser printer can only define lines, so keep it simple. Draw yourself a little person, making sure there is space between the limbs and the body. when you refine your sketch, get rid of any lines that aren't bold features or part of the actual linework, and make sure the curves you want are clear

Step 3: Clarifying Your Sketch

Since you will be drawing clothes on your little person, it is very helpful to draw some sketch lines to show you how they're built. this will help you draw the clothes with proper perspective.

Step 4: Notches

traditional paper doll's clothes have tabs to help them stay onto the doll. with our laser cut doll, we'll be doing the reverse. draw notches into the doll. Here are some places i reccomend

Step 5: Clothing

now draw your little person some clothes. make sure you cover the notches in your clothing designs, and if possible, include extra material outside the doll's body.

Step 6: Laser Printer

Laser Printers can define about four different values, as well as cutting out your pieces. keep this in mind, it may even help to define this ahead of time.

Step 7: Vectors

Create a new document in inkscape, import your image, and trace it with the bezier tool.