Introduction: Laser Sound and LED Flasher Using 555 Timer IC

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In this tutorial we are going to make a breadboard circuit using 555 timer IC that will make a laser sound along with the flashing of led at the rate of 5Hz. We are going to make the circuit step by step. Each step will be explained in detailed along with the video of the whole process.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

You will require the following bill of materials for this circuit. Make sure you are ready with them.

  • Mini Breadboard - 19V
  • battery - 1
  • Wire Stripper - 1
  • Battery Snapper - 1
  • Nose Plier - 1
  • 555 timer IC - 1
  • 220K Resistor - 1
  • 470Ohm Resistor - 1
  • 10uf Capacitor - 1
  • 100n capacitor - 1
  • Speaker - 1

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Please keep the below 555 timer IC laser sound and Led flash Circuit diagram handy. While you are making connections, cross check it with the circuit diagram.

Step 3: Video

Please follow the video and instructions in the video along with the circuit diagram step by step. If you have any query, you can let me know in the comment section.

Step 4: Breadboard Images

  • Connect the power rail roads to the terminal. Then place the 555 timer IC on the breadboard and connect the 1st pin of 555 timer IC to ground, 4th and 8th pin of 555 timer IC to the positive power rails of the breadboard
  • Now Connect Pin 2 and 6 of 555 timer IC by using a single core wir.
  • Connect and LED to pin number 5 of 555 timer IC such that the negative end of LED is connected to pin number 5 of 555 timer IC and the positive terminal is left stray. We will be connecting a resistor later on to the positive terminal of LED.
  • Now Place a capacitor such that the positive end of capacitor is connected to pin number 3 of 555 timer IC and the negative side of capacitor is left stray.
  • Now Place a 220K resistor between pin number 3 and 6 as shown in below image of 555 timer IC.
  • Now place a 470 Ohm resistor between pin number 3 and other end to the negative terminal of the LED.
  • Now connect the speaker such that the -ve end of speaker is connected to the -ve end of capacitor and +ve terminal of speaker in the +ve power rail of breadboard.
  • Now power up the circuit using a 9V battery. It should produce a laser sound along with the flashing of LED.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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