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Introduction: Laser Superpower

Fast and simple way to impress anyone with your own DIY superpower.
Halloween brought to an all time high if your costume is Venom.
A very easy way to stun your friends with this modern twist on superpowers.
Use this power to light matches and pop balloons with a flick of the wrist!
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Step 1: Get All the Parts

Any laser that has a visible beam at night or is strong enough to do experiments such as pop balloons or light matches.
1 Glove (dark colors are best for concealing the laser)
2 Rubberbands
  • You can color the rubberbands black with a sharpie so it is less noticeable

Step 2: Prepare the Glove

Put the glove on the hand you write with. Put the rubberbands on the glove over the bottom part of your palm and secure them by double wrapping them around until the rubberbands fit snug. Slip the laser through the rubberbands and make sure the button is directly underneath the rubberbands.

Step 3: How to Use Your SuperPower

To turn on the laser move your wrist back so the snug fit on the rubberbands push the button on. To turn it off move your wrist forward to release the pressure.

Posted by Laser Community member: FathomBoy91

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Sooo...  You attached a green laser to a glove, with an elastic band?

    Some Instructables are pointless, because all they need are common sense... Another example is how to cook spam...


    13 years ago on Introduction

    great idea but I have to ask ware you thinking of green lantern opps i mean "Alan Scott" when u did this?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I just got a very bright visible green beam 5mw laser from Hong Kong on eBay for cheap, $0.01 item price plus $12.49 shipping, even came w batteries. I dont believe it has a UV filter, which accounts for the price, I guess, or is it IR? Whatever, it's green and it's bright and it wasn't $50 so I don't need to worry about ruining it. Just check around before you give Wicked your $.