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Introduction: Laser-cut Mechanical Claw

About: I love to make people laugh, and to get achievement by making stuff which is often useless. I aim to combine both, that is, to get people work on something and be happy with it.

If you are worrying about what kind of trick want to show for Halloween this year, or your kids are asking for toys from you, this instructables may help you: to make a movable mechanical claws, the joint of the claws are movable, and its movement are the extension from your finger movement. you can use it to take cool poses, selfie, scratching, picking nose, or give your friends a hand haha... okay, I know that's not funny.

anyway, you may see some projects on instructables and youtube with similiar mechanism and which are awesome, but it maybe hard to replicate one of those. In order to let anyone can make one, we keep material lists simple, and with a lot of picture to help you assembling.

To complete this projects you needs:

  • 3 mm MDF board L 600 mm, H 450 mm
  • A bunch of rubber band (at least 15)
  • Fishing line


  • Laser cutter - find nearby Makerspace/Fablab
  • Hammer


  • 20-30 mins for laser cutting (depends on the laser cutter you use)
  • 1-3 hrs for assembling

Ok, so let's get started!

如果你正在煩惱這年的萬聖節沒有甚麼新梗,或者你家裡的小朋友跟你吵著要玩具,或許這篇instructables會對你有幫助: 做一隻霸氣的大手,有趣的是,大手指節是可以活動的,它的動作會是你手指關節動作的延伸,你可以用它來擺pose、抓癢、挖鼻孔、或是當你朋友需要幫忙的時候,你可以Give her/him a hand...好,抱歉我把場子冷掉了。


  • 3 mm 密集板(MDF board) 長 600 mm * 寬 450 mm
  • 一包橡皮筋 (至少十五條)
  • 一綑釣魚線


  • 雷射切割機 -你得找附近的Makerspace / Fablab 幫忙
  • 槌子


  • 切割時間: 約20~30 mins (依使用雷射切割機而定)
  • 拼裝時間: 1~3 Hrs


Step 1: Cut the File 將檔案切出來吧

The claws is designed by inkscape, an powerful illustrating software, if you want to modified the file please use the .svg file attached above and editing it in inkscape, but if you simply want to enjoy building the claws, the prepared .pdf file is recommended, noticed that the import .svg file generate from inkscape to other software like Illustrator may generate some problem like changed dimension, so if you do so please check the dimesion or other setting as you cut.

Also, you need to find a place to cut it out, there are a bunch of spaces could help you to do that, for our example, we are fortunate enough to have the place like Fablab Taipei. In fact, the entire designing and prototyping process is done and supported by fablab. we shared it and want to see how you gonna play with it!


再來,你得找個地方把檔案給做出來,這時候我得說有Fablab Taipei這樣的地方實在是太幸福啦,事實上,整個大手的設計到製造,都是我和伙伴們一起在Fablab Taipei這裡完成的,由於Fablab是個強調分享的地方,於是我們就把我們的成果放在這裡眾樂樂啦~上網搜尋看看有沒有甚麼地方是可以幫你把檔案做出來的吧!

Step 2: Fingers 組裝手指部分

There are a lot of little parts for the fingers, and honestly speaking, the assemble process is a little bit complicate - which are the result of under concept of using the most of laser cutter, otherwise, it should be good as well to use some wooden rod as the joint.


Step 3: Palm 手掌臂組裝

The parts is simpler than fingers, if you find it hard to assemble some of the parts, please use wax to smooth the joints, or using the hammer to force it, SUDO!


Step 4: Combination 連結手指與手掌

The only thing you need to notice, is that keep the finger bending forward as the normal hands do as you put the fingers into the slots, there is a spike in the middle slots of the finger which restrict the bending direction, you need to keep it on top when you assemble it.


Step 5: Finish It 組裝上橡皮筋、線

The rubber band working like a tendon for the claws, it provide the pulling forces, as long as you hook the rubber band as the pictures, and put the fishing thread though the hole we designed, and choose a rings according to your fingers, we made it!


Step 6: Play It 玩樂

Now you can play it, modify it, improve it, and most of all, you have something to show your friends on halloween!

Surely you can combine it with your awesome costume, my last year halloween costume - for you referecne.

Alright, thanks again for browsing into my instructables, looking forward to see what you made!

This projects is a group project design and modified by: Xintian, Mac Yu and Ted Hung.




This projects is a group project design and modified by: Xintian Chu, Mac Yu and Ted Hung, at Fablab Taipei.

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5 years ago

Muchas gracias amigo un buen trabajo


8 years ago on Introduction

WOW !!!

A comment; is also possible to print the array in a din A4 paper, 200 g., and once cut with a cutter, paint with polyurethane resin. This for those who can not purchase a laser cutting machine. Best regards.


8 years ago on Introduction

Nice job! Thanks for translating, and for sharing the files!