Introduction: Laser-engraved House Sign

For a housewarming party, we liked to make a house sign as a present.

I used a lasercutter to engrave the sign and then cut it to the required size.


-4mm acrylic plate (can be any thickness, just keep in mind that the plate still needs some rigidity)


Step 1: Making the File

I used Inkscape to make the file. this is an easy to use program and best of all, it's free.

I started by drawing the outline of the sign using the box tool. Make sure the line is 0.1mm thick and the red-value is 255 so the lasercutter knows these are cut lines. Next I used the text-tool to make the text and copy/pasted an image as some decoration. The text and image should be black so the lasercutter knows this is to be engraved.

Step 2: Print the File

Make sure the settings are ok, send the file to the lasercutter et voila!