Laser Phone Stand

Introduction: Laser Phone Stand

This is a simple stand that you can use to hold your phone and that can fit into your pocket.

things that you will need:

0.115 inch thick wood

laser printer

sanding paper

Step 1: Design

First I designed my phone stand using a 3d modeling software and then put it on a drawing sheet. The grooves on the base are 0.115 as that is the width of the wood. As for the grooves on the secondary pieces I suggest that you measure your phone and use that width

Step 2: Cutting

I used a laser printer to cut the design onto a piece of wood

Step 3: Sanding

then to get rid of the burnt residue i sanded it down

Step 4: Enjoy

my design can be used multiple ways to hold your phone to get different viewing angles.

The idea for the phone stand originally came from here:

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    7 years ago

    So smart idea! Thanks for shearing :)