Introduction: Laser Print Nail Art: Creating Beautiful, Intricate, Colorful Nail Art the Easy Way

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Do you love nail art, but find yourself unable to do the really intricate designs yourself, especially on your non-dominant hand? I've got just the technique for you...

It's simple to do, and just takes a few things you probably already have.

color laser prints
nail polish remover
a fluffy paintbrush
white nail polish
clear top coat

1. Print out your designs.
These can be digital scrapbook paper, custom designs you made yourself, or clip art you've downloaded off the internet. Just make sure it's a good size to fit onto your nails. You can print a sample copy to see if the images are the size you want. Be sure if there's text that you print a mirror image, because this will be reversed once it's on your nail.

Note: You must use a laser print for this- inkjet prints won't work.

2. Paint your nails white.
Because printers don't use white ink, you'll have to start with either a white nail or a very light-colored nail. This way, your colors will be as true as possible.

3. Cut out your designs.
This is simple enough... cut out the design from the page you printed. You can leave room around it, which makes for easier cutting and for easier application.

4. Transfer the image.
Once your nail polish is totally dry, wet the back side of the print with nail polish remover using your paintbrush. Then press the paper printed side down and press firmly onto your nail. Resaturate with polish remover a few times and press down. Make sure to press the edges as well.

5. Lift off the paper.
I saturate the paper one more time with remover, then lift one edge gently and pull the paper off. This will leave the toner from the print embedded in your nail polish. There will also be some paper, but we'll remove it in a few.

6. Let your nail dry again.
This doesn't last too long, but it ensures that your transfer won't smudge when you remove the paper.

7. Remove the paper from your nail.
I like to use something a bit abrasive like a cotton ball. Wet the cotton ball, then rub the surface of the nail to remove the paper fibers that are on top of the transfer. Once the nail is smooth and as paper-free as you can make it, dry it gently.

8. Apply top coat.
Once your nail is dry again, apply a coat or two of your favorite top coat (I like Seche Vite or ProFX). Be gentle with the first coat of topcoat, because you can smear the transfer. Try to only go over each part of the nail once.

That's it! You then can have nails like I'm showing in the photos!

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