Introduction: Laser Show(by Ariana Mechanical Component)

hi every body

follow me to make a cool laser show

Step 1: Introduction

i want t make a simple laser show by some mechanichal component and 2 Mirror...

Step 2: Materiel

lest's start to make a cool laser show

in this system we need to turn some mirror around an axle so that we need to a mechanism that it can make mirrors to rotate...

here i use ARIANA mechanical component...

ARIANA is a company that it produce some mechanical component that it can be used for mechanical and robotical education and make projects......

you can buy them in this web site

Step 3: Make Mechanical Rotation

i use motor gear box and pulley and mirrors to make mechanical rotation

i stick mirrors to pully by liquid glue and stick the pulley to motors

Step 4: Make Laser Place

we need to set the green laser to a adjustable placement ...

we should make a mechanism that it can be adjustable in x and y Axis ...

i make axises by some screw and ariana components.

we can find a sigmoid component in the ariana package.

we can use the sigmoid to make laser adjustable .

you can loose the screw and change laser position.....

Step 5: Make a Body

i used cornerstone and Studs to make a strong body

we should use a square to deny Degrees of freedom and we should use sigmoid to make motors position adjustable...

Step 6: Motor Control(left and Right Rotation)


we need to control motor's rotation

i use ARIANA remote control that it can control speed of motors by a potentiometer

we can supply a 12v Dc voltage to motors by using ARIANA voltage adapter...

Step 7: Finaly

at last we have machanical lase show by ARIANA mechanical package and green laser

you can make several Geometric shapes by change motors and laser position and speed of motor's rotation.

i hope to enjoy your own hand make laser show

thanks for my dear colleague mr.hamed kasraee

thanks for sadra robot company

thanks for your attention