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Introduction: Laser Torch High Powered

this instructable will show you how to make a high powered laser torch that can burn things at a range of 5 cm an can shine at a range of close to a very visible 100meters

All you will need is

-a high power (500mw)

-disposable camera lens or you can print it like me (I just used the lens as copy

- casing for the lens (I cut a piece of a firecracker casing and used that but you could use anything)

Step 1: Making the Mod

Take the casing ('the casing should be about the diameter of the lens) and put put a little bit of glue or prestik and place in the inside of the casing then put the lens in the casing and make sure it is secure

Step 2: Attaching to the Laser

The mod is not permanent but you can choose to make it permanently attached to the laser

Glue or prestik the mod to the diode side of the laser

Turn the laser on and lets burn things!!!!!

Step 3: Testing It Out

see how far your laser torch can shine during the day time

And post your results!!!

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