Introduction: LaserTag With TV IR Controllers Part 1.

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In these times sometimes we need to relax and play, and what more appropriate to do Electronic games based on a small arduino, here I leave the first part of the life bar to play lasertag with the control go of our tv.

Step 1: Materials

- Arduino Nano

- Neopixel led stick 8

- Infrared receptor HX1838 or similar

- Jumper Wires.

- BreadBoard

Step 2: Mount the Materiaos on the Breadboard

Neopixel Signal in:

- Arduino D pin 6

Ir receptor Pin:

- Arduino D pin 7

And the others pins of GNG and VCC or +V ares conected to de 5V and GND Pin of the Arduino

Step 3: Download the Libraries

Link Neopixel: Link IR Library:

Arduino IDE: Please donate if you can or (Just download)

Step 4: Install Libraries

Then Enter the Arduino IDE program:

and Falow the picture instrucction:

Then select the current zip file,

and if the library install correct, you will see Library added to your libraries in the notice window.

Step 5:

Download sketch...

Upload to the Arduino Nano

Step 6: Check the Code of the Button

Choose the button that you will use as fire buton

then open the serial monitor of the arduino IDE

Now put the ir transmitter (IR LED) in front of the receptor, like 2 in far...

Press the button that you selected a couple of times, the check what code repeats, you will get sometimes scramble data, thats OK.

when you gen the code, under the input coment put the same code with a 0x infront, like this

if (results.value == 0x488F3CBB){

Life = Life -1; delay(500);


Step 7: Video:

Tankyou for reading

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