Introduction: Lasercut Bastion (Overwatch) - Assembly Instructions

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Hello everyone !

This is the instruction step-by-step (rather limb-by-limb) to assemble this lasercut Bastion from Overwatch, from Thingiverse.

There is a 3D model preview here .

The original model requires a 3mm plank (about 600 x 150 cm). In this example, i cut a 2x bigger Bastion in a 6mm plank, but the proportions are the same. Also, take a bit of wood glue and we can begin the assembly.

Step 1: The Minigun

You will just need to stack every slices on the rod. Be careful to put the two lower parts upside down (see on the photo). Once every slice has been stacked, put the 8 cannon that fit in the octognal shape.

Finally, you can glue the 8 end of the cannon and the top of the ammo magazine. Wait the torso assembly to glue the 4 cylinders on the photo.

Step 2: The Right Arm

Gather all the pieces on the photo.

It's important not to mistake the two cirlces for the head and the two circles for the arms. The two circles for the head are marked with a thin line as seen on the photos.

Begin the assembly with the item No. 1 that fits in its own place. Then glue the items No. 2 & 3 just under the item No. 1 (see photo). You can now put the arc in the two square-shaped holes. Be cautious to not break the ark.

See the photos for the rest of the items, these are not really difficult.

Step 3: The Left Arm

Same thing for the other arm. Check the orientation of the forearm pieces before to glue it.

Step 4: The Head

The head is not difficult at all. Just stack the three biggest parts and fit it in the two disks as seen on the photos.

Note : if you forget to assemble the head whenever you already assembled the torso (like i did), you can still assemble it inside the torso itself.

Step 5: The Legs

Let's begin with the right leg for this instructions, you will just have to do the same assembly for the left one.

The legs are just 5 layers of wood that are stacked around three rectangles (photo).

Stack the pieces like they are disposed on the drawing (or the photo). Then, glue the two "S" pieces, which allows you to place the three armour slabs.

Then, you can glue the feet parts, and the other decorative ones. Be really careful when you align the feet, your Bastion may not hold the pose whenever the feet are perfectly aligned, but it will help a bit for it.

Step 6: The Torso

Important : Place the head inside the torso during this step. You still can assemble the head inside the finished torso.

At this point, you will just have to glue to lateral plates of the torso. Then just follow the photos to see how the whole torso must be assembled. Be cautious when you place the arc, like the right arm, you could break it.

Also, you can now glue the four cylinders at the bottom of the minigun.

Step 7: The Final Assembly

Just put the arms and the legs on the slots.

You have a preview of the finished Thingiverse Bastion cut in 3mm planks on the left and the example Bastion on the right cut in 6mm plank.