Introduction: Laser Cut Climbing Plant Chain

This instructable explains how to build a laser cut climbing plant chain to give your Devil's Ivy a cool new look.

Tools and Material:

  • A power drill

  • Your preferred material for laser cutting (I used white 5mm Perspex)
  • 1 Ceiling hook
  • 1 Wall plug
  • A climbing plant :)

Step 1: Cut the Chain's Links

The first step is cutting the links for the chain.
I chose to shape the links as pentagons (Adobe Illustrator model attached), but any other closed shape will do.
You should cut as many links as you want, depending on how long you want the chain to be.
I used 9 pentagons so that the chain would get as low as about 1 meter above the floor.

Step 2: Install the Hook

Drill a hole in the ceiling and use the wall plug to install the ceiling hook.

Step 3: Bind the Links Together

Bind the links into a chain, and hang the chain on the ceiling hook.

Step 4: Unwrap the Plant on the Polygon Shapes

My Devil's Ivy was already mature enough to wrap around all of the chain.
If you're planning to use a younger plant, wrap it around the bottom links and let it climb its way up, what would probably give the whole thing a much more natural look.

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