Introduction: Lasercut Student Table

I designed this table for students who live in dormrooms of 10 to 20 square meters. I noticed that when people have a small table, they use it for eating, study and social gatherings. And their table is ALWAYS cluttered with small stuf like school suplies and emty beerbottles. I wanted to give these these students an opportunity to make a table where you can put away small stuff easily, have electricity at hand for their laptops and phones and to be able to place a beercrate underneath to put away emty bottles as soon as they're emty. At the top and bottem of the legs are places for storage. As well as a cavity underneath the tabletop with a lid to store your items, this cavity is the same size as the cavity for cable management.

I made a pdf with all the required steps. You can find this pdf in the downloadable files. I designed the lasercutting files for the lasercutter I used at school, check the dimensions for the lasercutter you are using and rearrange the parts if necessery.

Making this table from start to finnish, not including design, took me about 16 hours.

The parts are designed in Solidworks and I designed it so that the dimensions are easily manipulated. If you have a Solidworks (student) license and wish to change parameters in the original files, email me at and I will send them to you. If you have any suggestions for changes or updates please leave a comment.

I hope you will have fun making this project and the table will help you to stay organised!


You will need:

  • 3 pieces 6mm mdf board of 1150x810, this can be cut from a standard (european) size board of 2440x1220.
  • 16x M6 bolts and nut, also 32 washers. The washers are not necessery but is is recommended. These are used to clamp the pieces together after woodgluing them.
  • 2x 10 mm wrenches.
  • Woodglue.
  • A rubber hammer to (gently) tap the pieces together.
  • Paint and painting suplies to finnish the table.
  • The instruction manual.
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