Introduction: Lasercut Table Tennis 'net'

A simple and unprofessional table tennis 'net'.

It should be around the standard size, but be sure to check the width of your own table: this net's 152cm long and about 15cm high.



Wood Mdf plate(s)

Wood glue

Step 1: Lasercutting

The Inkscape files are at the size of 600x300mm and a thickness of 3mm, so you'll either need that size of planks or change the files yourself.

Note: if you want your 'net' to be sturdy and not bend like mine does (see picture), it's better to go for a thicker plank.

Step 2: Gluing

Glue all the long pieces together at the jagged parts with some wood glue.

You don't necessarily need to glue the other parts. It'll also be easier to store the 'net' without those parts sticking out.