Introduction: Mini Eyelash Lift, Lashes for Daaaayyyyssss

Simple little trick to getting your lashes to perk up, and appear a little darker. (Depending on your natural colour).


Tube of Lucas' pawpaw ointment
Or potentially just some Vaseline

Step 1: I Woke Up..... Like This...? :/

Make sure to wash your hands first!
Simply apply a touch of pawpaw or Vaseline, rubbing it onto your index and ring fingers then gently pushing your lashes up and out in the preferred direction with those fingers.

Make sure to start with a small amount and add more if needed as you don’t want it getting in your eyes.

Step 2: Voilà! Lashes for Dayyyyyssss! Yes I Did Wake Up Like This, How Sweet of You to Notice *v*

As you can see once applied it’s great for a more natural look or a good base for mascara. It leaves your lashes glossy and nourished.

Also good for taming unruly lashes growing in the wrong direction, or eyebrow hairs too!

Step 3: I Really Did Wake Up Like This!

I had actually just woken up when I took these so don’t judge my tired eyes or pores close up okay! OKAY!??

I normally use pawpaw most mornings or I even moisturise my face with a lil after a shower as my skin gets annoyingly flakey when I put make up on.
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