Introduction: Last Minute Costume - Snow White

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It is the week before Halloween and you need a costume....what to do?

This is a cute, play on words costume that will not take you long at all. You might have all the items already at home.


- White T- shirt

- *Blue Fabric Marker

- *Black Fabric Marker

- No Sew Glue

- Silver Séquences

* Please Note - If you do not have the Fabric Markers you could try Sharpies or Regular Markers however they might come off in the wash so just wash the T-Shirt separately.

Step 1: Let It Snow!

1. Before you begin place an old cutting board or a piece of cardboard between your T-Shirt. This will prevent the marker from leaking through to the other side.

2. Using the fabric glue place small dots on the upper right shoulder of the T- Shirt.

3. Place silver sequences on-top of the glue dots.

4. Using a popsicle stick or a ruler, draw a light line with a pencil onto the T- Shirt.

5. Using the Blue Fabric Marker, write the word “ Snow”.

Step 2: Add the Snowflakes.

1. With a thin tip Fabric Marker, draw lines onto the silver sequences to make the snow flakes.

2. You may add as many snow flakes as you wish.

Step 3: Now the White.

- Move the cardboard or old cutting board to cover the bottom of the shirt.

- Using a ruler or popsicle stick and a pencil draw a light line.

- Once you have drawn the line, lightly write the word “WHIITE”

- Now use the Black fabric marker.

Step 4: Completed Costume

I made this costume large enough to wear over a coat or inside.

Happy Halloween
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