Introduction: Last Minute Halloween Glass Bottle Lantern

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A continuation of the king of slackers here is my last minute decoration ideas.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supplies needed:

-Various Glass Bottles
-Orange Paint
-Black Paint
-Masking Tape
-Sharp Knife

Step 2: Bottles

Clean bottles inside and out.

Step 3: Add Paint

Add a generous amount of orange paint to inside of jar.
Add small amount off warm water to dilute paint.
Shake it up and allow it to spread across entire interior of bottle.

Step 4: Face

Mask off bottles.
Design and cut  out designs.

Step 5: Paint Faces

Apply a generous amount of black paint over masked faces.

Step 6: Remove Masking and Enjoy.

Peel off masking and enjoy the result.

It might happen tonight:
Add a green ribbon around the rim of the bottle for a pop of color.
Add a tea light to make it glow.

Be creative...

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