Introduction: Last Minute Halloween Prank (Bloody Envelope)

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If you want to have the perfect halloween, it will require a lot of preparation and time. Sometimes you might overlook the smallest detail such as not buying candles for your jack-o-laterns or getting the wrong face paint. Since for most, time is limited you might not have time to squeeze in a little scary prank during your busy Halloween preparations. Well here's one that doesn't require much time to set up and will certainly spook anyone who falls for it.

You'll need

*Fake Blood

*Envelope with bubble wrap inside

Step 1: The Bloody Set Up!

As mentioned not much goes into this prank, just a little Halloween fun. Just follow the simple steps below to perfectly execute this funny practical joke on October 31st.

1) Open your envelope and fill it with fake blood, the amount is up to you but not much is required. just don't fill it too much that will make your victim second guess opening it.

2) Put grease or lard on the edges of the opening of the envelope. This will help with any unwanted leaks.

3) Close up the envelope, just make sure you put enough grease.

4) Put a "Cut Here To Open" Label on the center of the envelope, this label is key to pulling off this prank, otherwise your victim will just open it from the top.

5) Put the envelope with other envelopes to pass it off as actual mail, just make sure the envelope is addressed to who ever you want to prank.

If you want to see this prank in action, check out the instructional video provided!