Introduction: Late Summer Cheesecake

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Hello lovely people and happy summers to you. I really like the summertime I really do. There's the warm weather, the times spent outdoors, girls wearing less clothing (oops), and definitely the food. I know... I know, cheesecake doesn't really scream "summer". In fact it is actually more of a winter dessert in some places. But I like my cheesecakes on all four seasons so I'm making this anyways.

This recipe is actually my version of Jamie oliver's NYC cheesecake which I stumbled upon on youtube one fine evening. I love cheesecakes but I haven't been able to make one. My mother is usually an avid baker and chef at home, and even she has never made a cheesecake because she thinks its too much fuzz than going to the bakery and buying one. But I wanted to make one, so I did.

Step 1: Ingredients

Base layer

-250 grams of biscuits
-125 grams of butter

The jamie recipe calls for some dark chocolate but I dont have any, and I dont like chocolate anyway.

Cheese custard

-600 grams of some cream cheese
-3 eggs
-5 teaspoons of sugar
-You should use some fresh grated vanilla extract from real vanilla or a teaspoon of vanilla powder if you're like me and dont have access to fresh vanilla.
-some lime juice

Step 2: Add Some "crunch"

To make our cake stand on its own and not pour the cheese everywhere we need a strong foundation.

Open up the pack of biscuits and pour them into a bowl. You can use a food processor for this, I don't really like too much machines because I like to get hands on with my cooking so I just use a bowl and my hands.

Crack them up inside the bowl until its fine.

Step 3: Add Butter to the Biscuits

In a small pan, heat up and melt the butter. Dont sizzle it because it will add more cholesterol (maybe).

Then pour the butter into the biscuit crums and mix them up nice and evenly. A good trick is to make sure the biscuit crums turn darker to know that the butter has mix thoroughly.

Next, grab yourself the baking pan of your choice and fill the bottom of it with the biscuit base. Pat and spread them across evenly.

Step 4: Cream Topping

Now comes my favorite part, making the cheese in "cheesecake".

Pour the cream cheese in, then the eggs, sugar,vanilla, and squeeze in the lime juice. A word of advice, dont put any lime seeds in the mixture like I did. If you do put in some lime seeds, the cream is gonna have some bitter parts in it because lime seeds aren't as sweet as the other ingredients in the mix. Its gonna make your cheesecake more of a weird tasting pile of mush in your mouth.

Step 5: Ready, Set, Bake!

Once you're happy with the mixture, pour it on top of the biscuit base inside the baking pan. Spread them about evenly, I just shifted the pan from side to side, not a good idea but it works.

Pre-heat you're oven and bake the cake at about 160 degree celcius, or about 7 to 8 gas marks until golden brown, for 40-50 minutes. After that take the cake out, if the cream still jiggles when you shake the pan, dont worry because cheese is soft when hot but hard when cold.

Let the cake cool for about 5 minutes then throw the badboy in the fridge for a minimum of an hour, take it out of the pan first though.

Step 6: Enjoy the Masterpiece

Now its time to take out the cake from the fridge and eat it.

Mine came out well if I do say so myself. Rather than a cheesecake, it came out more like a thin new jersey style cheesecake, or as I like to call it a cheesepie. What I should have done was buy more cheese or maybe I could've used a smaller diameter baking pan. But hey This is a creation of my love and I will love it no matter what. Eat together on the beach with you're preferred drink and company.

Dont worry how you're cooking's gonna turn out, things dont always go perfect so just have fun and go nuts in the kitchen... as long as you clean up.