Latex Glove Survival Kit




Introduction: Latex Glove Survival Kit

Here is how to make a easy survival kit out of a latex glove

Step 1: What You Need

1.a latex glove
2. 2 small knives (optional)
4.a few broken in half cotton swabs
5.a compass
6.4 feet of para cord or a para cord bracelet
7. Gauss
8. A few paper clips (for fishing hooks)
9. 3 x 1.50 card board box
10. Tissues (optional)
11. Ductape
12. A rubber band to keep the glove closed

Step 2: Putting It Together

This can become very handy in most medical conditions
Put the Band-Aids the gauze ,tissues and the Q-tips in the box.

Step 3: Putting Other Stuff in the Glove

Put the paperclips the two knives the para cord the rubber band the duct tape and the compass in the glove fingers

And then after that put the box where the hand goes

Step 4: Closing It Up

Put the rubber band over the rist of the glove and double it over

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    eThAn T
    eThAn T

    8 years ago

    I love it


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I think we are talking XXL gloves now! I would 'double-glove' it for strength, or even quadruple it, also giving you gloves to wear if you need them. Maybe this would be even better using a pair of cotton work gloves for added warmth. Of course, the latex gloves are good since you can see what you have in there. It is a great starting point for a neat and useful project! It's got me thinking how much can be stashed in one glove -- with careful packing, probably a lot. Remember that latex gloves will deteriorate within a year or so and start to break down into flakes, though, even when stored in a reasonably cool area, i.e., not in your glovebox in the car!


    8 years ago

    Is this for survival? 5c's of survival
    Cutting tool you got
    Cover you don't
    Combustion you don't
    Container you don't
    Cordage you have a little.
    Why not put some fish hooks that paper clip. It's smaller and just put a little duct tape around them. Where is the fishing line!!! Do u plan to make ur own out in nettles or use the inner strands of para cord. GOOD LUCK!!!!


    8 years ago

    Also a ferrocium rod


    8 years ago

    Here are some things you should add.

    -Mylar blanket
    -water purification tablets
    -1L stand up bag