Introduction: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

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Here is my second joke instructable and trust me, it WILL be better than the last

Step 1: Awkward Funny Jokes

These are not my jokes but I put them here for you to laugh!!!! This woman across from me will not just hush up about where she works. Ugh, I hate job interviews. I just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes and I thought to myself, "dogs are easily entertained." Then I realized: I just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes. I was looking on Facebook a bit ago and I think that those teens say the weirdest things. Here are some things they really said: •it took me ten minutes to remember how to spell: water bottel •sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can't see •there is no i happyness •goodbye America, hello New York! When someone says "great question" I never hear their answer because I'm too bust congratulating myself for such a great question. My boss was divorced. I was fired by my boss because of the way I laugh. Apparently, it reminds him too much of his ex-wife's laugh. The weird thing is, I'm not a lady, I'm a guy

Step 2: Just Plain Weird

The day after a major storm, the shelves at a supermarket were pretty bare especially in the bread isle, where there was nary a crumb to be had. "Do you think you'll have any bread tomorrow?" I asked a woman working there. "No." She answered "I'm trying to stay away from carbs." My friend Janet and I decided to check out a little boutique in the country. While we were examining the china, furniture, and hand-crocheted table cloths, a man appeared. "Can I help you?" He asked. "No, thank you." I said. "We're just browsing your lovely boutique." He politely responded "the boutique is downstairs, this is our living room." I was on a cruise ship with my husband when we passed by a small island. An unshaven man ran out and started waving violently to the ship captain. We asked him "who is that man?" The captain replied, "I don't know, but every time we sail by here, he goes nuts."

Step 3: ???what???

MATHOCHISM: people with math anxiety actually feel pain when doing arithmetic. According to study. The Week asked its readers to name this condition; •fibromyalgebra •arithmia •pi-graine •percentile dysfunction •add nauseum •digit-itis According to global study, American kids are far behind Asian kids in math and science. But American kids are ahead in buying stuff made by Asian kids. I called a patient to confirm an appointment with the doctor I work for, and her husband answered "hello, may I speak to Anna?" "Who?" He said "Anna" "Santa?" "No, Anna" "who is this?" He said "this is the doctors office" "who?" "This is the doctors office calling for Anna!" I yelled. "Oh Anna." He said "you better talk to me, Anna's hard of hearing"