Introduction: Launching Rockets Is a Blast!

In this Instructable I will teach you how to successfully launch your own rocket and the complete story of my own rocket. Remember: rockets are a fun toy when handled with care, but they can also be a dangerous weapon. Please be responsible with your rocket.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Your Rocket
2. Rocket fuel.(Depending on your rocket you may need a different type of fuel. I used B6-4 engines for a small rocket)
3. Launch pad
4. Plastic stopper for the rocket charge
5. Rocket igniter
6.Rocket recovery wadding -to make you can dip paper towels in a baking powder-water saturated solution and dry. It is also available from Estes and other suppliers.
7. A large, wide, open space outside where rocket launching is allowed.

Step 2: Preparing Your Rocket(s)

Take the bottom cap off of the rocket. Insert the rocket engine into the bottom tube. You may have to squeeze the rocket engine in to the tube pretty hard, but it is important that it is snug during flight.Put the bottom cap back on the rocket.

Step 3: Adding the Igniter and Plastic Stopper

Put the igniter in the rocket fuel center make sure it touches the chemical inside. Lastly you can put the purple plastic stopper in the engine, holding the igniter in.

Step 4: Putting the Recovery Wadding In

Take the nose cone off, pulling the parachute out in the process. Stuff the recovery wadding in, pushing it down to the engine so during flight the rocket heat won't melt the parachute. Put the nose cone back on the rocket.

Step 5: Getting Ready for Launch

Slowly guide the metal rod through the attached straw or holes on the side of the rocket. Attach one metal clip to one wire of the igniter and the other clip to the other wire. Once this is ready, step back and press the button.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Be ready to run after your rocket to be sure to retrieve it before something happens to it. You can launch it repeatedly as long as time and engines permit. If something goes wrong with the launch, my advice is to just repeat everything, check batteries, etc. Have fun, respect angry neighbors, and always be safe when dealing with rockets!
Thanks for reading, special thanks to Estes for the awesome rockets, and and please vote for me in the Launch It! contest!

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