Introduction: Launching Rockets

 We designed rockets, candy rockets. It was a process that took some time. We had different techniques, depending on the group. One of the groups did 50/50 and the other did 60, stump remover and the other was sugar. We would make sure we had the right amount and then we mixed them well together, transfering it from cup to cup. After we did that we grinded it up until it was a mix. Once that was done we put it into the moder. We put a small amount in and then we would pound it in to make it compact. Once that was complete we nailed a hole in the bottom. Once that was complete it was time to launch the rocket. From our experience it seemed that the 60/40 was more succeful. Other groups cooked their items and also boiled it to get all the water particles out and did the same things, by compacting the materials into the moder. Using rust seemed to make the rockets more powerful and were able to launch better. Many of the rockets were to powerful and seemed to be more like a bomb, not a rocket. We had to find a median between the two.