Introduction: Laundry Quarter Bank Safe

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Do you scramble to save all of your quarters every week for pay laundry machines? If you said yes, then stop hoarding them in cups, bowls and old beer growlers (don't judge).

Upgrade now to this novelty safe that not only will keep your quarters safe but also looks like a tiny dryer to remind you of their inevitable fate!

A great gift for that recent highschool grad or college student/grad who is on their own and hitting up the laundromat, a great conversation piece for the apartment, or maybe you just want an adorable way to save the coins you find in pockets when doing the laundry.

All you need is a bank safe like the one I acquired from the dollar-store-style-shop 5 Below and some paper folding skills! (file printout included, batteries not nessisary).

Step 1: Printing, Cutting, and Folding

I designed and turned the "dryer control panel" into an foldable paper craft!

Print out the attached file on some nice paper, preferably cardstock or glossy photo paper. Any paper would do, but heavier paper will hold its shape better.

Fold the paper following the gray lines and grey tabs. A ruler or other straight edge really helps with the longer folds.

Adhere the tabs with whatever adhesive you have on hand. Tape, hot glue, super glue, glue sick, etc. I used tape since I have a severe lack of glue on hand. Super glue has a funny way of only lasting 30 seconds in my house no matter how much I buy.

Finally, glue/tape the dryer control panel to the top of the safe. I used mounting tape to make sure it would stick forever!

Good luck and keep creating!